Innovation on Autopilot: Unleash the Power of Real-Time KPIs with Traction Technology

Struggling to navigate the ever-evolving innovation landscape? You're not alone. In today's fiercely competitive market, staying ahead requires a constant flow of fresh ideas and a data-driven approach to nurturing them. But how do you ensure your innovation efforts are truly effective?

Imagine being stuck in rush hour traffic with no GPS or traffic updates. That's what many innovation teams face when relying on outdated reporting methods. They're bombarded with data but lack the real-time insights needed to make informed decisions and optimize their innovation pipeline.

This is where Innovation Management Platforms (IMPs) like Traction Technology come in. These powerful tools empower you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) across every stage of the innovation journey, giving you the clarity and confidence to navigate your innovation journey on autopilot.

Ditch the Data Deluge: Track KPIs Across Every Stage

Traction Technology goes beyond traditional reporting, offering a comprehensive solution that allows you to track KPIs across the entire innovation lifecycle, including:


Identify the most promising ideas with KPIs that measure factors like novelty, feasibility, and potential impact.


Ensure your projects stay on track with project-level KPIs that measure progress, resource allocation, and timelines.


Evaluate potential partners and acquisition targets with KPIs that assess factors like market fit, technology alignment, and financial health.

By tracking KPIs across these different stages, you gain a holistic view of your innovation pipeline. This allows you to:

  • Prioritize Effectively: Focus resources on the ideas, themes, and projects with the highest potential for success.
  • Measure Progress: Track the advancement of your innovation initiatives and identify areas for improvement.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Support your decision-making with real-time insights based on concrete data.
  • Demonstrate ROI: Clearly communicate the value and impact of your innovation efforts to stakeholders.

Real-Time Dashboards: Your Innovation Command Center

Traction Technology doesn't just provide data; it transforms data into actionable insights through customizable real-time dashboards. These dashboards act as your innovation command center, offering a clear and concise view of all your key metrics. You can easily:

  • Visualize Trends and Patterns: Spot emerging trends and identify potential roadblocks before they derail your progress.
  • Drill Down for Deeper Analysis: Explore specific data points and gain a more granular understanding of your innovation performance.
  • Share Insights with Stakeholders: Communicate complex information in a clear and compelling way, fostering collaboration and buy-in across the enterprise.

The Benefits of Traction Technology

By leveraging Traction Technology, your innovation team can:

Increase Efficiency

Stop wasting time digging through data. Real-time insights allow you to focus on what matters most – driving innovation forward.

Improve Decision-Making

Make data-driven decisions that have a real impact on your innovation initiatives.

Enhance Collaboration

Foster transparency and communication within your team and with stakeholders.

Faster Time to Market

Identify opportunities and bottlenecks early on, accelerating your innovation process.

Measurable Success

Track your progress and demonstrate the tangible impact of your innovation efforts.

Stop being a passenger in your innovation journey. Take the wheel with Traction Technology's real-time dashboards and actionable KPIs. Get a free trial today and see how data can become your innovation engine!

Here's how Traction Technology can help:

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Discovery of Relevant Startups: Traction Technology helps established companies discover relevant advanced technologies aligned with their strategic goals and innovation areas. It curates startups based on different industries, technology trends, and areas of business interest, making it easier to find potential partners or investment opportunities and share this information across the enterprise.

Collaboration and Engagement Tools: Traction Technology offers tools that help manage the engagement process with startups. It provides a structured approach to evaluating, tracking, and managing interactions with multiple startups across multiple project and pilots, improving efficiency and collaboration.

Data-Driven Insights: The platform provides data-driven insights to help make informed decisions. This includes information on startup funding, growth indicators, customers and competitors, which can help in assessing potential startup partnerships.

Innovation Pipeline Management: Traction Technology aids in managing the innovation pipeline. It helps companies capture ideas and request and track innovation projects, monitor progress, and measure results in real time, promoting a culture of continuous innovation.

Track KPIs and Generate Custom Reports: Effortlessly track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with real time dashboards and generate custom reports tailored to your organization's unique requirements. Stay

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ahead of the curve by monitoring projects progress and engagement.

By leveraging a platform like Traction Technology, established companies can gain a competitive edge, driving their digital transformation journey and adapting to the fast-paced business environment. It supports the integration of startup agility, innovation, and customer-centric approach into their operations, which is critical for success in the digital age.

About Traction Technology 

We built Traction Technology to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, empowering individuals and teams to accelerate and help automate the discovery and evaluation of emerging technologies. Traction Technology speeds up the time to innovation at large enterprises, saving valuable time and money by accelerating revenue-producing digital transformation projects and reducing the strain on internal resources, while significantly mitigating the risk inherent in working with early-stage technologies.

Let us share some case studies and see if there is a fit based on your needs.

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