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We help teams discover, organize, and implement enterprise-ready, emerging technologies.

Accelerate your digital transformation efforts with our software.

Automate the discovery and evaluation of emerging technologies across your enterprise.

Man running to represent innovation and emerging technology scouting

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Drive growth and innovate faster across your organization

Technology is changing the rules of competition in every industry—stop playing catch-up and start leading with Traction Technology.


Technology Evaluation Platform

Accelerate your company's innovation efforts with Traction — a collaborative platform for evaluating, adopting and managing new technologies.

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Research + Technology Scouting

Traction gives you access to a team of analysts and researchers who are dedicated to scouting technologies for your company.

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Find, evaluate, and pilot emerging technologies

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Traction is the easiest way to manage, organize, and accelerate your innovation programs.

Our platform helps you discover new enterprise technology providers, collaborate with your team for research and insights, and see where each provider is in the evaluation process.

Technology Scouting Service


We'll help you uncover new, enterprise-ready technologies

Our Technology Scouting services help large enterprises find the next generation of technologies you need to compete and win.

The Traction Innovation Process is proven to unearth and qualify enterprise-ready technologies that solve your company's most mission-critical challenges.


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