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Create a single home for innovation at your enterprise. Discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies—all from one platform.

Your Challenge

Siloed, Makeshift Innovation Processes

Teams tasked with driving innovation often lack a standardized process and central platform to coordinate their efforts and complete their work quickly. Instead, they cobble together workflows and multiple point solutions designed for parts of the overall process.

Fragmented Approach

No consistent, enterprise-wide approach that everyone follows to find, evaluate, and select technology vendors

Information Silos

Teams get stuck sharing their information across spreadsheets and email threads that create complexity, confusion, and silos

Existing Tools Don't Work

Frustrated teams try to adapt CRM and other platforms that are not designed to solve this problem

Your Solution

Traction’s End-to-End Innovation Management Software

Traction is a dedicated innovation management platform created by industry veterans to solve the real-world challenges companies face discovering, evaluating, and implementing new technologies. Traction gives your cross-functional teams a well-organized home to perform every task needed to onboard new technologies and partnerships.

Get Out of Spreadsheets and Break Down Silos

Build a single source of truth for your innovation efforts. Traction combines every critical source of information for every new technology you’re considering.

Follow a Full Set of Proven, Standardized Processes

Keep everyone on the same page and on track. Traction includes a full set of workflows that guide you through battle-tested innovation processes.

Create a Central Home for Every Innovation Project

Align every team around innovation. Traction helps multiple teams collaborate to find new technologies for pilots, M&A, or investments.

How It Works

Complete Every Step of Innovation from One Platform

Our platform guides you through the same innovation management process that our founders, analysts, and researchers developed over decades in the field. By using our platform, you will standardize, optimize, and automate your innovation management workflows, and find new technologies faster and easier, with less risk.

Step 1

Manage Stakeholder Requests

Manage requests for technology solutions and applications for Ideas and vendor meetings, all on one platform. With Traction you will collect, organize, and score every technology request and problem you receive from internal stakeholders, and feed qualified technologies and ideas into your innovation management process.

Step 2

Discover Solutions

Deploy robust research tools to discover new technologies. Search by multiple criteria, create configurable vendor profiles that automatically update and populate with rich insights, and access our database of 10,000 vetted, enterprise-ready startups.

Step 3

Evaluate Options

Follow our thorough evaluation process and due diligence framework. With Traction, you will manage your teams’ tasks, automate your RFIs, host live vendor demos, assign dynamic scores, and easily analyze, chart and report on progress.

Step 4

Engage Partners

Make faster and better decisions for pilots, partnerships, and investments. With Traction you will collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders, track KPIs, project tasks and activities, and make informed decisions that everyone aligns around.

Every Feature You Need

Deploy The World’s Most Robust Innovation Software

Our Cloud-based, end-to-end innovation management platform has every feature your company needs to discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies.

Our innovation management platform — supported by expert research services — gives you a smooth, simple, and predictable process for selecting the right emerging technologies for your enterprise.

Idea Management

Charting + Reporting

Customizable Workflows

Enterprise Security

Project Management

Virtual Events

Integrations, APIs, + SSO

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Integrated On-Demand Research

A Platform With Built-In Research Analysts

Software can’t solve every problem. Sometimes you hit a sticking point in your research and need hands-on help. With Traction, you can make research requests directly from the platform. Your request will be completed by our team of veteran analysts and researchers, who will discover and evaluate new technologies for you and upload a shortlist of vetted candidates directly into Traction. Our analysts and researchers will act as an extension of your team and can complete a range of projects, including:

Our Customers

Innovation Leaders Trust Traction

Traction Technologies helped launch an expansion of a corporate venture scouting effort with a brilliant analyst, a customizable data platform and the personal engagement of their co-founders. It is one of the best professional services engagements I’ve experienced."

Louis Kim

VP, HP Inc.

I think what you are doing is important to the entire corporate innovation community. We still use spreadsheets. We need this."

Chief Innovation Officer

Consumer Goods Company

We were looking to combine our Ideation tool and startup management process. Traction is the perfect combination."

Head of Emerging Technology

Startup Liaison Officer

We threw our hardest problems at Traction. Whether it was machine learning, spatial search, or predictive analytics, Traction always delivered."


Emerging Technologies, Fortune 50 company

Traction introduced us to AI robotics startups from the manufacturing world that we could apply to our industry. We would have never found them on our own."


Restaurant chain

You guys think about the problem the same way I do"

Startup Liaison Officer

Defense Contractor

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