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Discover the best enterprise technologies in any sector. Leverage our technology scouting software and team of research analysts to find, evaluate, and implement new technologies.

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Your Challenge

Why Do You Need Technology Scouting Software

Evaluating new enterprise technologies without a technology and innovation scouting platform is not easy. For every problem you identify, you must discover, vet, and implement the one technology out of many that best solves it. To do so, you and your team must spend a substantial amount of time and resources weeding through dozens — or even hundreds— of seemingly viable products and ideas. The biggest challenges when selecting the right technology yourself are:


Must dedicate a lot of time to research new technologies when resources are already stretched thin

Too Many Choices

Must accurately evaluate the 50,000+ enterprise-ready startups on the market using limited data.

Who To Trust?

Must rely on external analysts who may have a vested interest in promoting certain products over others.

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Download Our Technology Scouting Checklist

If you're a Chief Information Officer - or are otherwise responsible for business technology transformation - then you know how challenging it is to deliver wins year after year. Our 7-step checklist can help you avoid common pitfalls of the technology scouting and startup evaluation process so you can be successful at delivering wins.

YOur Solution

Traction's Technology Scouting Software and Services

technology scouting services

Traction's analysts have spent decades finding the world's most impactful technologies and identifying when they are ready to break out. Bring our experience to bear for you to make sure your company does not miss out on the next technology wave.

Our Technology Scouting Services expand your company’s ability to quickly discover, evaluate, and select the enterprise-ready technologies that will solve your biggest challenges.

Our scouting services are performed by a veteran team of analysts and researchers, who follow a proven technology scouting process developed during decades of real-world experience. Go beyond public databases, analyst firm reports, and desktop research. Leverage our team of technology scouts and Traction's global network of VCs, incubators, founders and academic labs to identify the technologies that will drive your company's digital transformation. Our technology scouting services make you:

Gain a True Partner for Any Scouting Project

We act as an extension of your team. We take on your most time-consuming tech tasks and free your team to focus on more strategic and higher-value activities.

Narrow Down Your Options

We sift through public and private databases, the Web, and our global network to deliver a vetted shortlist of options that your ream can dig into right away.

Receive Unbiased Advice

Know you are looking at the best products to solve your unique problems. We have no financial stake or incentive in any of the companies we evaluate or recommend.

Our Technology Scouting Software

A Technology Scouting Platform With Built-In Research Analysts

The Traction technology and innovation scouting platform is designed by technology scouts, for technology scouts. Leading innovation teams across the Fortune 500 use Traction to accelerate and automate every step of the technology scouting process—from searching and identifying to evaluating and managing technology candidates.

traction technology scouting software

With Traction's technology scouting software, you can:

  • Tap into our database of 10,000+ vetted, enterprise-ready startups.

  • Take advantage of Traction's advanced search tools and filters to narrow down your search by maturity, funding, location, technology, industry, or numerous other factors.

  • Visualize the technology landscape across any sector and turn any search into a sleek, downloadable chart.

  • Organize companies into short lists, and score them with configurable rating templates.

If you ever hit a sticking point in your research and need hands-on help, don't worry. We are just a button click away. You can make research requests directly from our technology scouting platform. Your request will be completed by our team of veteran analysts and researchers, who will discover and evaluate new technologies and upload to Traction technology landscapes, company due diligence, or shortlists of vetted candidates for you.

10,000+ Enterprise Company Database

Advanced Charts + Shortlists

10,000+ Enterprise Company Database

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Our Customers

Innovation Leaders Trust Traction

Traction Technologies helped launch an expansion of a corporate venture scouting effort with a brilliant analyst, a customizable data platform and the personal engagement of their co-founders. It is one of the best professional services engagements I’ve experienced."

Louis Kim

VP, HP Inc.

I think what you are doing is important to the entire corporate innovation community. We still use spreadsheets. We need this."

Chief Innovation Officer

Consumer Goods Company

We were looking to combine our Ideation tool and startup management process. Traction is the perfect combination."

Head of Emerging Technology

Startup Liaison Officer

We threw our hardest problems at Traction. Whether it was machine learning, spatial search, or predictive analytics, Traction always delivered."


Emerging Technologies, Fortune 50 company

Traction introduced us to AI robotics startups from the manufacturing world that we could apply to our industry. We would have never found them on our own."


Restaurant chain

You guys think about the problem the same way I do"

Startup Liaison Officer

Defense Contractor

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evaluation and deployment of new technologies



internal resources needed for innovation management



products considered for pilot or full implementation


less cost

than running multiple point solutions

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