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Traction unleashes a flexible set of enterprise workflows that can deliver any innovation project, designed for the individuals or teams tasked with finding new technologies and partnerships.

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Traction for Enterprise IT

Evaluate New Technologies Faster

Automate and accelerate your process for adopting and scaling new technologies. With Traction, you will make faster decisions, run more pilots, manage requests, and streamline and standardize many of your innovation responsibilities.

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Integrate With Existing Applications

Import existing vendor data into Traction to enhance profiles, or export Traction’s data to other tools via APIs.

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Go From Strategy to Execution

Map vendors and startups to your roadmap, and create consistent, transparent evaluation processes.

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Manage Technology Partnerships

Implement, manage, and organize every vendor and startup you want to work with

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Traction for Innovation Teams

Drive Collaboration and Alignment

Manage Open Innovation, Challenges, and Internal Requests. Keep your cross-functional stakeholders on the same page. With Traction, you will give everyone a home where they can collaborate, contribute their best ideas, and row in the same direction.

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Create a Single Source of Truth

Manage every new technology project and partnership across the enterprise from a single shared dashboard.

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Invite Stakeholders to Your Projects

Add stakeholders to your projects and teams and assign next steps they must take to advance the project.

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Deliver More Value to Your Enterprise

Track, manage, and report on the progress of your innovation projects while delivering them faster.

Traction for Technology Scouting

Go From Discovery to Proof-of-Concept Faster

Streamline, standardize, and automate your process for identifying the right enterprise-ready technologies. With Traction, you will find partners faster, evaluate them with greater depth, and make more confident decisions.

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Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

Search for new technologies by custom criteria and map where they fit in the technology landscape.

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Leverage Multiple Lists and Databases

Combine your research with our database of 10,000+ vetted, enterprise-ready technology partners.

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Identify and Make Warm Introductions

See who in your company already has relationships with prospective technology partners.

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Traction for Venture and M&A

Manage Your Pipeline and Track Key Metrics

Create a systematic process for evaluating companies that everyone on your team will follow. With Traction, you will gain battle-tested workflows to track startups based on stage, funding, customer wins, and your own KPIs.

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Build Richer Company Profiles

Integrate your existing data sources and enrich them with your own data and added context from multiple providers.

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Collaborate Between Business Units

Securely share the profiles and notes for every company you are evaluating.

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Replicate Your Due Diligence Process

Create evaluation stages based on the workflows and steps in your existing due diligence process

Traction for Research and Development

Get Ahead of the Disruption Curve

Keep an eye on the new technologies disrupting your industry and adopt them ASAP. With Traction, you will stay ahead of the technology curve and evolve your enterprise’s core processes before your competitors do so first.

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Accelerate Product Development

Give your enterprise new capabilities by rapidly discovering new technologies to plug into your roadmap.

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Create a Standard, Shared Process

Establish standard stages and workflows everyone must follow to perform evaluations and due diligence.

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Replace Spreadsheets

Give your teams a dedicated, innovation management platform designed to meet their unique needs.

2. Create a single source of truth for every technology your company’s evaluating.

The result: Many of our customers first deploy our platform to deliver one small innovation project, but quickly and naturally begin to use it as a single, central, and consistent home for innovation projects across their enterprise.

Break Down Silos

Build One Home for Every Innovation Project

Innovation is a team sport, and our platform was built to drive collaboration across a wide range of functions and projects. With our platform, you will:

1. Invite other stakeholders to collaborate directly from the same platform.

3. Follow standardized workflows that give your enterprise a consistent approach to selecting new technologies.

Our Customers

Innovation Leaders Trust Traction

4.5 out of 5 Stars
"A helpful tool to keep track of our Vendors and selection efforts"

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
The software is fairly intuitive to use. The product team is very supportive. We are able to easily add vendors to our database and setup custom fields to track the key information we need. The tool also allows us to send out requests to the vendors to keep the info up to date. "
4.5 Stars out of 5
"Great tool that can be leveraged for efficiently organizing and tracking startups."

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
The founders have been very active in engaging with our company to develop new features for specific use cases.
4.5 Stars out 5
"Wonderful system backed by great people"

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
Traction is a flexible solution for many reverse CRM needs in my organization. The custom solution they added for our needs has become an invaluable tool for GSK R&D!
5 Stars out of 5
"An important partnership!"

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
We have been working with Traction Technology for several years, especially for technology sourcing and progress management of collaboration with startups. They are attentive to understanding our needs, and the outputs are always gratifying.
5 Stars out of 5
"Central product for our Innovation strategy"

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
Traction is the perfect tool to bring all our innovation activities together. Allowing us to collate, review and assess the latest companies on one platform as a team.
5 Stars out of 5
"Great experience with Traction Tech"

What do you like best about Traction Technology? The ease of use of the platform and the team works well with our needs and innovation team.
Traction Technologies helped launch an expansion of a corporate venture scouting effort with a brilliant analyst, a customizable data platform and the personal engagement of their co-founders. It is one of the best professional services engagements I’ve experienced."

Louis Kim

VP, HP Inc.

I think what you are doing is important to the entire corporate innovation community. We still use spreadsheets. We need this."

Chief Innovation Officer

Consumer Goods Company

We were looking to combine our Ideation tool and startup management process. Traction is the perfect combination."

Head of Emerging Technology

Startup Liaison Officer

We threw our hardest problems at Traction. Whether it was machine learning, spatial search, or predictive analytics, Traction always delivered."


Emerging Technologies, Fortune 50 company

Traction introduced us to AI robotics startups from the manufacturing world that we could apply to our industry. We would have never found them on our own."


Restaurant chain

You guys think about the problem the same way I do"

Startup Liaison Officer

Defense Contractor

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