Traction Technology Celebrates Eight Years of Innovation and Growth

New York, New York December 13, 2023 — Traction Technology proudly marks its eighth anniversary, celebrating a remarkable journey of innovation, collaboration, and sustained growth. Founded by Neal Silverman and Erick Schonfeld, Traction Technology has emerged as a leading player in the Innovation Management SaaS platform space.

Over the past eight years, Traction Technology has navigated unprecedented global challenges and the dynamic landscape of the startup ecosystem, emerging not only resilient but thriving. The company attributes this success to the dedication of its exceptional team, the trust bestowed by its valued customers, and the unwavering support of its investors.

Neal Silverman, Co-founder of Traction Technology, expressed overwhelming gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility to everyone who has been part of the Traction journey. "Our eighth anniversary is a testament to the commitment and hard work of our team, the trust of our customers, and the support of our investors. We are grateful for this opportunity," he remarked.

Traction Technology has evolved into a dynamic Innovation Management SaaS platform, empowering teams across some of the world's most esteemed companies. The company acknowledges the vital role played by customer feedback in its growth and development. The commitment to listening, evolving, and refining the platform is unwavering, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of its users.

As Traction Technology looks ahead, the company remains dedicated to its mission of fostering innovation and collaboration. With a renewed focus on customer-centricity and a commitment to continuous improvement, Traction Technology aims to elevate its platform and services to new heights, powering digital transformation across the enterprise. 

The company extends its heartfelt thanks to its employees, customers, and supporters, inviting everyone to join in celebrating eight years of innovation and happy new year!

For media inquiries, please contact: Erick@TractionTechnologyPartners.Com

About Traction Technology:

Traction Technology is a ground-breaking platform engineered expressly to eliminate internal innovation silos, thereby enabling enterprises to seamlessly collaborate and align their business needs with promising technologies. By providing dynamic features that promote collaboration and innovation, they aim to accelerate digital transformation in the enterprise.

Here's how Traction Technology Supports Innovation Teams

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Discovery of Relevant Startups: Traction Technology helps established companies discover relevant advanced technologies aligned with their strategic goals and innovation areas. It curates startups based on different industries, technology trends, and areas of business interest, making it easier to find potential partners or investment opportunities and share this information across the enterprise.

Collaboration and Engagement Tools: Traction Technology offers tools that help manage the engagement process with startups. It provides a structured approach to evaluating, tracking, and managing interactions with multiple startups across multiple project and pilots, improving efficiency and collaboration.

Data-Driven Insights: The platform provides data-driven insights to help make informed decisions. This includes information on startup funding, growth indicators, customers and competitors, which can help in assessing potential startup partnerships.

Innovation Pipeline Management: Traction Technology aids in managing the innovation pipeline. It helps companies capture ideas and request and track innovation projects, monitor progress, and measure results in real time, promoting a culture of continuous innovation.

Track KPIs and Generate Custom Reports: Effortlessly track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with real time dashboards and generate custom reports tailored to your organization's unique requirements. Stay

Harnessing OpenAI: How the 'Build, Buy, Partner' Dilemma is Evolving in the Enterprise

ahead of the curve by monitoring projects progress and engagement.

By leveraging a platform like Traction Technology, established companies can gain a competitive edge, driving their digital transformation journey and adapting to the fast-paced business environment. It supports the integration of startup agility, innovation, and customer-centric approach into their operations, which is critical for success in the digital age. We built Traction Technology to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, empowering individuals and teams to accelerate and help automate the discovery and evaluation of emerging technologies. Traction Technology speeds up the time to innovation at large enterprises, saving valuable time and money by accelerating revenue-producing digital transformation projects and reducing the strain on internal resources, while significantly mitigating the risk inherent in working with early-stage technologies.

Let us share some case studies and see if there is a fit based on your needs.

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