A better way to find, evaluate, and pilot new technologies

Traction SRM lets you organize and accelerate your technology innovation efforts by combining the best of CRM and Project Management tools.

Traction is the single source of truth for your company’s innovation efforts.

It combines the best CRM and Project Management tools to massively boost your ability to discover, vet, and adopt new technologies.

Technology scouting and project management CRM software
All the channels you can find emerging technology

Combine knowledge from different sources

Don't be slowed down by messy spreadsheets, long email threads, and a lack of visibility within areas of your organization.

The Traction platform helps you manage your innovation efforts by combining all the knowledge about the technology vendors your team is considering into one place.

Manage, organize, and speed up your technology scouting process

Traction is technology management software built to help you:

Organize emerging technology projects

Collaborate with team members to evaluate new technologies for pilots, M&A, or investment.

Discover enterprise
-ready startups

Find the best technology based on your needs with our database of enterprise-ready startups.

Break down information silos

A single system of record for all the startup and innovation activity across your organization.

See everything about the startups you work with in one place

Get insights that your team will love — Traction auto-populates the profile details about the companies you're evaluating.

Going beyond names and job titles, you'll get insights around funding, leadership, their customers and even competitors.

Software and technology profile CRM features technology scouting

Research on demand

Assign research tasks to team members–or the Traction Team–with the click of a button.

Team collaboration

Create and share notes, and keep track of all team activity related to the startup.

Startup technology database

Go beyond your own lists with access to our database of 5,000 vetted enterprise-ready startups.

Project Management tools

Organize everything into projects to keep everyone on track.

Move innovation projects forward faster
— using Traction

Traction helps you speed up projects by showing you exactly where each company is in the evaluation process — including the tasks required to move that relationship forward.


Organize your projects into tasks


Visualize your teams progress in the stage view


Score startups across multiple criteria


Assign tasks and research to your team

Stay on top of your team's progress with each startup

Host and record virtual Demo Days

Whether you work in enterprise IT, Corporate Venture, or M&A, Traction will help your team get to better decisions faster for pilots, partnerships, and investments.

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