The Traction Five: Supply Chain – Visibility

Supply chain visibility platforms digitally track every aspect of the supply chain and logistics process from raw material acquisition through the manufacturing process and eventually delivery to the consumer.  Given ongoing supply chain challenges and the subsequent need to become more effective, visibility platforms can be an effective means to optimize that entire process.  Recent supply chain visibility innovations we've spotted in our research include AI/machine learning, blockchain, end-to-end integration/interoperability, and digital transparency.

At the core of what we do is help our clients accelerate digital transformation projects and their corporate development, whether that’s through our SaaS application or research services that evaluate what we call“enterprise-ready” emerging technologies. Discovering technologies that solve our clients’ most challenging needs, we come across many early-stage companies that surprise and delight us. Here are a few who have developed game changing technologies in the area of Supply ChainVisibility that we think are worth sharing and keeping an eye on:

This week’s Traction Five:

Project44: project44 created an Integration Platform as a Service that uses cloud-based freight APIs to instantly and continuously connect shippers and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) to transportation capacity.In doing so, it creates end-to-end, ML-based visibility into your complete supply chain cycle including predictive arrival data, lane analysis, carrier benchmarking, and proactive delay management. They track more than 1 billion shipments annually for over 1,000 of the leading brands.

Sourcemap: Sourcemap is a pioneer of supply chain transparency and traceability software that spun out of early MIT research.  Sourcemap’s platform covers all areas of supply chain diligence including supplier discovery, supply chain mapping, supplier risk assessment, transaction traceability, fraud detection, resilience planning, and real-time visualization. They are continuing to expand their product to cover even more areas of supply chain visibility.

Stord: Stord has a cloud-based supply chain management platform and a logistics network to help mid-market businesses deliver products more efficiently.  Stord offers control tower visibility with insights into all modes of the journey, inventory management, and order management.  In addition, their platform offers robust integration via EDI, API, or custom protocols to connect with every channel and system that’s relevant to your supply chain to provide a holistic, single-pane-of-glass view.

Shippeo: Shippeo is a real-time, cloud-based multi modal transportation visibility platform.  It allows you to easily onboard carriers, utilize machine-learning and ETA algorithms to anticipate and address shipping problems, communicate with all stakeholders throughout the shipping process, and analyze performance to make better shipping decisions.

Altana: The company's graph data and AI-driven platform —the Altana Atlas — connects and learns from billions of data points to create a living, intelligent map of global commerce. Providing unique visibility insight, the platform can automatically generate multi-tier maps of global value chain relationships on a product-by-product, industry-by-industry basis and track the flows of goods between them through multiple stages of transformation. Altana Atlas employs artificial intelligence to identify production outages, single points of failure, supply shortages, demand spikes, concentrations of risk exposure, labor rights concerns, and security vulnerabilities.

Keeping with our Supply Chain theme, our next TractionFive will be in the area of Shipment & Cargo Tracking.  

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