The Traction Five: Supply Chain – Real-time Freight Tracking

Neal Silverman

The Traction Five: Supply Chain – Real-time Freight Tracking


Whether you are a pharma company shipping critical vaccines, a CPG shipping retail products globally, or an F&B organization shipping sensitive ingredients, knowing your products' real-time status along the multimodal journey is critical.  Startups are utilizing global data, connected IoT sensors, AI-powered monitoring dashboards, and ML-driven insights to address this need with some powerful and robust tracking solutions.


Discovering technologies that solve our clients’ most challenging needs is at the core of what we do, and during this work we come across many early-stage companies that surprise and delight us. Here are a few who have developed game-changing technologies in the area of Real-Time Freight Tracking that we think are worth sharing and keeping an eye on:


This week’s Traction Five:


1 Roambee: Roambee's innovative AI-powered solution brings all the visibility components for a an organization’s supply chain under one umbrella for a single subscription fee: purpose-built IoT sensors, a cloud-analytics platform, Honeycomb, to offer accurate predictions from the verifiable sensor and non-sensor data, centralized dashboards, and APIs to integrate or build company-specific applications.  Their IoT sensors collect critical cargo data – location, temperature, shock, humidity, tilt, etc. – and report it back in real-time to the platform for accurate freight monitoring and decision-making.

2 Tive: Tive offers cloud-based software, sensors, and services to track shipments as they progress through the supply chain. The company’s hardware can record location as well as metrics like temperature, humidity, shock, and light exposure, while its software allows shippers to create profiles, set custom alerts, and use an API to pull data into existing record-keeping systems.  Their platform integrates with the Open Visibility Network for additional freight data and insights from participating partners.

3 Controlant: Controlant’s Cold Chain as a Service® solution is a powerful combination of IoT, advanced visibility, and cost-reducing operational services that increase workflow efficiency and responsiveness while supporting quality and compliance efforts with a company’s supply chain. Wireless, reusable Internet of Things (IoT) devices called Loggers track location and quality data in real-time and automatically send it to the cloud.  This data is ingested into their digital supply chain visibility platform for AI-powered insights, real-time shipping visibility, customs data, and so on.

4 Beacon: Beacon is a digital supply chain and freight platform.   Their solution offers a technology-first, global freight forwarding service across all modes integrated with an end-to-end visibility platform, connecting each stage of the supply chain to provide a single record of critical information including bookings, vendor performance, order management, live tracking, and environmental impact.  The platform also utilizes AI to analyze stored historical data for better decisions moving forward.

5 FourKites: Tracking more than 2.5 million shipments daily across road, rail, ocean, air, parcel, and courier, and reaching more than 185 countries, FourKites combines real-time data and powerful machine learning to help companies digitize their end-to-end supply chains. Their solution delivers real-time global insights, leveraging patented AI based on 150 factors, including ​​weather, traffic and real-time data from GPS, ELD telematics networks, mobile devices, AIS and more. The company offers out-of-the-box dashboards and reports, automated and customizable notifications that leverage geofencing and temperature tracking, and SKU-level visibility to track multimodal shipments, even when they’re split across multiple carriers.


Keeping with our Supply Chain & Logistics theme, our next Traction Five will be in the area of Warehouse Automation


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