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Getting back to work in today’s new socially distanced and hyper health-focused landscape is not easy. Enterprises are facing serious safety concerns, precautions and physical limitations that make ramping up again a challenge. But there are emerging technologies that can help your business survive—and even thrive—during these pandemic times.

We've assembled a handy list for you of the Traction 10: The top 10 technologies to pandemic-proof your business.

Some of these are obvious, yet essential, like Zoom—everyone's go-to videoconferencing app. Some are newer products you might not have heard about yet, like Estimote's new workplace wearables and contact tracing dashboard or Density's occupancy monitoring sensors to help track how many people are actually in the office (when we eventually get back to the office). From Remote Work and Collaboration tools to eCommerce and Predictive AI, we hope this list will help your company get back to business.

Remote Work

1. Zoom—Meetings are here to stay thanks to the new standard in virtual meetings, stand-ups, and video conferencing. Maintaining communication with a reliable platform is mission critical given today’s distanced environment. And you thought Work-From-Home meant fewer meetings.

2. Slack—Communication was key to success prior to the pandemic and now even more so. Keep in (constant) touch with your teammates and colleagues through instant chat and document sharing. Check in, delegate, and build a virtual esprit de corps. This is how remote organizations do it, which is every organization now.


3. Asana—Staying on top of your workload and multiple projects while you work from home can be difficult. However, Asana allows you to organize, track and manage most projects with ease. Simple to use, but sophisticated enough to handle even complicated workflows. Because let’s face it, staying on task in a work-at-home environment—with your kids and cat and dog all vying for your attention—can be tricky.

4. DocuSign—Just because you can’t meet face-to-face doesn't mean you can’t get the deal done. DocuSign does away with paper documents, and speeds up transactions with electronic agreements and simple e-signatures. Send a DocuSign, and close that deal.


5. Shopify—Nobody's coming into your stores? Move more of your sales online!. The pandemic has seen eCommerce take 10 years worth of retail market share in just a few months. Shopify is a big enabler of this, allowing companies big and small to spin up an online store, take payments, ship and engage with customers digitally. Window shopping from your couch is the new guilty pleasure.

6. Stripe—Increasingly, the best way for your business to get paid is through Stripe. Another enabler of the eCommerce boom, Stripe's payment platform handles all the complexities of digital payments—from one-time payments to subscriptions. And Stripe has APIs galore to let your developers build payments directly into your own products.

Occupancy Monitoring

7. Density—Safely reopening offices and other places of work is the foremost topic facing employers today. That's where Density comes in. Density’s anonymous, real-time occupancy monitoring technology uses sensors and machine learning to count how many people are in any given workspace. It’s social distancing, AI-style.

8. Estimote—Want to take social distancing to the next level? Estimote, the pioneer in promximity detection and beacon technology, has rolled out workplace wearables that vibrate and alert employees when coworkers get too close to each other. A contact tracing and analytics dashboard helps to minimize the impact of any COVID outbreaks that do occur.

Predictive AI

9. DataMinrMake sure your company stays ahead of the next high-impact event—in real-time. Dataminr’s AI platform detects the earliest warning signs of breaking events and emerging risks from a vast trove of publicly available data. By monitoring and mining public social media posts, DataMinr was able to detect the COVID outbreak in December, a week before the CDC made its first public health announcement. Don't let the next global disaster take your company by surprise.

Mental Health

10.  Calm—The pandemic changed every individual's life across the world. In doing so, it added an unbelievable amount of stress, anxiety and social isolation. Mental health care can easily take a backseat to all the other social, health, and workplace issues people are dealing with now. But apps like Calm—the top-rated app for sleep, meditation and relaxation—can help everyone breathe a little bit easier.

(Want to know which specific emerging technologies your company should be evaluating and adopting right now? Get in touch).

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