Startup of the Week: Peloton Technology

Peloton is an automated vehicle technology company hard at work solving the two biggest challenges facing the $700 billion trucking industry: crashes and fuel use. We make each individual truck safer with the use of best-in-class collision mitigation systems. Always-on radar sensors detect stopped or slowed vehicles far down the road to alert the driver and apply brakes when needed. Trucks are connected using direct Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communications. This allows the rear truck to react immediately to the actions of the front truck. By electronically coupling the trucks in this way, they accelerate and brake together and can safely operate at closer distances to form a platoon.Why We Picked It: Peloton is the leading player in autonomous and semi-autonomous trucks, with a growing experimental base that includes the US Army, and UPS. Peloton's investors include Intel and UPS.Website: Location: Mountain View, CACompany Size: 74 Click here to view more details.

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