(Case Study) From Dough to Drones

Since the dawn of fast food, technology has been a crucial component of success. Slowly but surely, forward-thinking businesses edged out their competitors by making the entire process of getting a meal faster and cheaper than ever.

The pandemic only served to accelerate tech development in ways no one could have predicted. Companies that optimized online and mobile orders saw unprecedented growth by capitalizing on rapidly changing customer demand.

Our client—a national pizza delivery chain—lagged behind its leading competitor, a major restaurant brand that had repositioned itself as “a technology company that happens to sell pizza.” Others were years ahead in their investments. The need for speed was clear. To catch up and boost investor confidence, our client sought to modernize their business rapidly. Additionally, adopting hot new technologies would allow them to engage with the public and the press.

Innovation, delivered

Our client was at a crossroads. They could turn to the vendors they already used and invest in incremental improvements to their supply chain and operations. That approach had already failed to deliver the winning results they needed. Traction Technology offered them another way. By using our services and technology, they could source enterprise-ready startups with technology capable of leapfrogging the competition. 

They chose to partner with Traction Technology, and their first step was technology scouting for vendors in different fields that could give them a competitive edge, including:

  • Mobile apps to improve the customer experience and increase repeat business
  • Automation to expedite order fulfillment and operational processes and reduce labor cost
  • Staff training technology to ensure consistent product and improve employee retention
  • Employee scheduling solutions that offer increased flexibility for workers and certainty for managers
  • Automation based on conversational AI to expedite orders and reduce labor costs

All in the effort to deliver delicious pizzas to your doorstep, faster and at a lower cost.

History in the baking

With a comprehensive solution from Traction Technologies for gathering, rating, and sharing vendor data, the company was able to discover new solutions to longstanding challenges—and to choose the partners with the right experience and scalability for long-term ROI. Our expert services and comprehensive vendor database helped them gain the ability to “see around the corner,” anticipating opportunities before competitors, and to dismiss pie-in-the-sky fads such as drone pizza delivery. Its technology investments also provided opportunities to compete for media attention with stories ranging from order-taking AI chatbots to new mobile loyalty rewards programs.

With Traction Technology, they were able to select solutions that met their budget and risk tolerance—accelerating adoption and deployment—and position themselves favorably against stiff competition. What used to be a slow, aging giant became an agile, future-proof business that is pushing the envelope in ways that you’d expect more from a company based in Silicon Valley than the Midwest. 

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