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Our Innovation Discovery Program helps large enterprises find the right emerging technologies to solve their mission-critical challenges.

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What out technology scouting process looks like

There are over 50,000 startups out there

How do you find the ones that match your needs? You can wait for them to become household names—but, by then, your competitors will already be working with them.

Or you can talk to us. We'll help you find technologies that can solve your company's biggest problems and drive new growth.

Trusted by Innovation leaders across the world.

A process that's proven to unearth enterprise-ready technology


Our analysts understand your business challenges and goals

We're an extension of your innovation team.

Our analysts and experts do a deep dive with your team to understand your company's current technology roadmap, needs, and opportunities.

We then organize these challenges into a series of Projects on the Traction platform.

Step 1. Understand your goals
World map demonstrating the network we spent 30+ years building


Leverage a powerful global network

Once we identify the requirements for each Project, our researchers find and vet startup candidates, typically with the goal to enter into a pilot or proof-of-concept (POC).  

Traction reduces the friction of the sourcing process, and the time it takes to get to a viable pilot by leveraging the network that we've spent the last 30 years building.


We'll deliver qualified candidates to your pilot program

Each Project is set up in stages with a unique set of tasks and hurdles that each startup must pass to get to the next evaluation stage.

Traction delivers 3-4 enterprise-ready startups in each Project — all prospects are financially stable, have worked with other relevant enterprise customers, and can scale to your organization.

Get 3-4 technology startups pitching their product to you

What's included

Full access to Traction SRM

Our services are delivered through the Traction platform — Research customers get full access to the platform's project management and discovery tools.

Virtual Demo Days

Startup finalists present to your team via live video conference addressing your specific Project goals.

Research on demand

Request extra research on any startup in the Traction. Our analysts will create enhanced profiles for each startup, with custom data and questions answered.

We deliver results to the world's most demanding companies

"We threw our hardest problems at Traction. Whether it was machine learning, spatial search, or predictive analytics, Traction always delivered."

- SVP, Emerging Technologies, Fortune 50 company

"Traction introduced us to AI robotics startups from the manufacturing world that we could apply to our industry. We would have never found them on our own."

- CIO, Restaurant chain

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