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Traction offers software and services that break down innovation silos and accelerate every stage of the innovation process.

No. 1 in the enterprise. Traction is your customizable end-to-end innovation management solution. 

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A New Approach to Innovation

Technology is changing the rules of competition in every industry. You must find the right emerging technologies to evolve your enterprise — and you must do it fast or you will get left behind.

Traction solves this problem. We offer an innovation management platform — supported by expert research services — that gives you a smooth, simple, and predictable process for selecting the right emerging technologies for your enterprise.

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Our Platform

A Home for End-to-End Innovation Management

With our innovation management platform, you will centralize, automate, and accelerate every stage of finding and implementing new technologies — from organizing ideas to signing contracts.

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Our platform gives your cross-functional teams a home to manage every data point on every technology your company evaluates, and includes a full set of standardized workflows that will spread battle-tested best practices across your enterprise. 

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Get Out of Spreadsheets and Break Down Silos
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Follow a Full Set of Proven, Standardized Processes
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Create A Central Home for Every Innovation Project
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Our Research

The Shortcut to Vetted, Proven, Relevant Technologies

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With our research services, you will gain direct access to our veteran team of analysts and researchers. Just make a request through the Traction platform — or engage us for a stand-alone project. Our experts will pound the pavement to discover, evaluate, and shortlist the emerging technologies that you need to compete and win.

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Technology Scouting

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Who We Help

Innovation Management for Everyone

Innovation is now everyone’s job. Any individual or team might be tasked with finding new technologies to evolve your organization — and we can help them all. We offer a flexible platform with a suite of workflows baked right in that drive innovation projects and collaboration between multiple departments. Common business areas that rely on Traction include:

A Better Way To Manage Your Innovation Funnel

Great ideas and technologies come from all over and are difficult to manage.

External Sources

Let Traction help with our 4-step process that results in vetted partnerships:

Our Customers

Innovation Leaders Trust Traction

4.5 out of 5 Stars
"A helpful tool to keep track of our Vendors and selection efforts"

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
The software is fairly intuitive to use. The product team is very supportive. We are able to easily add vendors to our database and setup custom fields to track the key information we need. The tool also allows us to send out requests to the vendors to keep the info up to date. "
4.5 Stars out of 5
"Great tool that can be leveraged for efficiently organizing and tracking startups."

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
The founders have been very active in engaging with our company to develop new features for specific use cases.
4.5 Stars out 5
"Wonderful system backed by great people"

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
Traction is a flexible solution for many reverse CRM needs in my organization. The custom solution they added for our needs has become an invaluable tool for GSK R&D!
5 Stars out of 5
"An important partnership!"

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
We have been working with Traction Technology for several years, especially for technology sourcing and progress management of collaboration with startups. They are attentive to understanding our needs, and the outputs are always gratifying.
5 Stars out of 5
"Central product for our Innovation strategy"

What do you like best about Traction Technology?
Traction is the perfect tool to bring all our innovation activities together. Allowing us to collate, review and assess the latest companies on one platform as a team.
5 Stars out of 5
"Great experience with Traction Tech"

What do you like best about Traction Technology? The ease of use of the platform and the team works well with our needs and innovation team.
Traction Technologies helped launch an expansion of a corporate venture scouting effort with a brilliant analyst, a customizable data platform and the personal engagement of their co-founders. It is one of the best professional services engagements I’ve experienced."

Louis Kim

VP, HP Inc.

I think what you are doing is important to the entire corporate innovation community. We still use spreadsheets. We need this."

Chief Innovation Officer

Consumer Goods Company

We were looking to combine our Ideation tool and startup management process. Traction is the perfect combination."

Head of Emerging Technology

Startup Liaison Officer

We threw our hardest problems at Traction. Whether it was machine learning, spatial search, or predictive analytics, Traction always delivered."


Emerging Technologies, Fortune 50 company

Traction introduced us to AI robotics startups from the manufacturing world that we could apply to our industry. We would have never found them on our own."


Restaurant chain

You guys think about the problem the same way I do"

Startup Liaison Officer

Defense Contractor

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